Club Policies Update

The Swimmer & Coach Rules for Training and the updated Hetton ASC Codes of Conduct 2018 have now been added to the website on the Club Policies page. They can also be accessed by clicking on the links below:

The Swimmer & Coaches Rules for Training have already been circulated by email and the Codes of Conduct 2018 formed the basis of the Annual Renewal pack so there is nothing new but it's worth being familiar with both.

South Tyneside Swim Team Spring Meet Accepted & Rejected Swims

Unfortunately for the forthcoming South Tyneside Swim Team Spring Meet on the 14th & 15th April there have been some rejected swims. It has proved to be a popular Gala and as a result has been over-subscribed. 

The organisers have made the decision to restrict the numbers from the bottom upwards meaning those who did not have entry times on the system may not have qualified.

It is a shame for those Swimmers who were hoping to take part in their first competition and have not qualified but there will me more opportunities over the coming weeks and months.

The lists of Accepted & Rejected Swims are now both available by clicking on the links below or by visiting the Club Calendar.

Northumberland & Durham SA 2018 Teams Championships Draft Programme

The Draft Programme, Final Meet Information and Hetton Teams are now available for the forthcoming N&D Teams Championships by clicking on the links below or by visiting the Club Calendar.

Junior League Galas

The dates, times and locations of the Junior League Galas for this season are below:
  • Sunday 11th March at Haven Point, South Shields: Meet at 2.30pm
  • Sunday 29th April at Tynemouth Pool: Meet at 11.35am
  • Sunday 8th July at Neptune Centre, Middlesbrough: Meet at 8.45am